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WellnessAwards is your best resource to design and implement behaviorally-based, lifespan wellness programs.  Our goal is to advance achieveable health status improvement at both the organizational and individual level.

Implementing the concepts of Wellness into your company, congregation, school or life is a valuable investment in your health.  Though modern medicine CAN treat a multitude of ailments, 80% of all chronic conditions can be improved or avoided all together by taking responsibility for your health and making behavioral changes.  The benefits of a wellness lifestyle include reduced costs of medical claims, days lost from work or school, and improved wellbeing.     
Our Staff of professionals have more than 35 years of experience in the Health and Wellness arena.  From hands-on program design to day-to-day management, we have the expertise for you.  Using clinically-based, scientifically-validated approaches to behavior change, we have the answers you are looking for.  Contact WellnessAwards via e-mail at jmoraphd@mindspring.com.   
Whether you have a long-established wellness program or are just beginning your efforts, WellnessAwards can guide you to national benchmarks, ROI and other quantifiable outcomes.  We have directed other companies to the highest levels (platinum and gold) of national recognition (WELCOA, National Business Group on Health, American Heart Association).  These awards serve as external validations of a successful program.